Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wish some things lasted forever...innocence, love, liking, relationships. And also that these feelings were always mutual among two or more people (more like a "at first sight" thingy).

Pipedreams I know...and it may not make much sense to a lot of people, but increasingly, i wish it were true :

and i wish that some things could be in our control too; once in a while atleast. it breaks my heart everytime i think of the few most important things in my life that aren't in my control, and i feel so helpless seeing them go awry day by day. i guess i have truly reached the nadir and all roads lead up from hereon...(i hope so)

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Life Mysterious said...

May the new year fulfill your desires!

Wish that some 'things' lasted forever, but till they are fulfilled, we 'cherish' them... :)